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The interval is specific to an individual depending on their health status. The general classification would be that beyond the age of 40 an individual must undergo bi-annual health checkups and below the age of 40, they must undergo annual checkups. Pre-Health check instructions

Everyone needs a health checkup, no matter how healthy an individual is. Early detection is an important form of disease prevention. Getting a checkup periodically is a good step to staying healthy always. It is recommended to have a health checkup at an early age for those with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol or heart disease and also for individuals who have a smoking habit or with any of the health risk behaviors.

We carry all the assessments in a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere. We assign a dedicated health check team to escort you through the stages of the health checkup so that you can rest easy.You will be initially subjected to the definitive investigations depending upon the package you select. Later, when the results are examined by a qualified doctor, suitable medical advice is given & necessary steps to improve your health can be taken. Most reports are reviewed by the doctor on the same day. If there are any specified tests that require more time, you will be notified.

Regular health checkups are important to verify that you are in a normal state of health and to detect any medical issues before they crop up. They are also important in treating diseases/disorders in their early stages greatly improving chances of complete cure. This leads to a happier, healthier and longer life. They are a form of Preventive Health Initiatives.

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